1. For clients with a trading account, an aircraft charter booking will be secured when Canberra Helicopters (Secure Aviation) receive a written purchase order. For clients who do not have a trading account with Canberra Helicopters (Secure Aviation), an aircraft charter will be secured:
  • For aircraft charters within 14 days, prior payment in full for the charter flight;
  • For aircraft charter flights not within 14 days, a ten percent (10%) deposit at the time of booking with the balance paid in full 24 hours prior to the departure date of the charter flight.

In addition to the above requirements, Canberra Helicopters (Secure Aviation) require a credit card security to meet the cost of any additional fees incurred in providing the aircraft charter including additional flight time due to weather or air traffic control requirements or any other costs incurred under these terms and conditions.

  1. Aircraft charter rates are quoted to include all aspects of the aircraft operation except additional weather flight time.
  1. Meals and accommodation, as required for Canberra Helicopters (Secure Aviation) flight crew, are the responsibility of the client chartering the aircraft and are not included in the aircraft charter quotation. If they are not provided a daily fee of $350.00 per Secure Aviation staff member on charter will be charged.
  1. In-flight catering is available on request at additional cost.
  1. Sleeping accommodation must be provided to Canberra Helicopters (Secure Aviation) flight crew whenever there are four or more hours on the ground at a destination. Sleeping accommodation is determined as a single room with facilities to control light and temperature.
  1. Aircraft charters are available subject to weather, flight crew hold the right to cancel or delay any flight for weather or safety reasons.
  1. Flight Crew hours are limited by Civil Aviation Regulations and all charter operations will be operated in accordance with those regulations.
  1. Canberra Helicopters (Secure Aviation) operate aircraft charters under single pilot day visual flight rules. Second pilots are available on request and any requirement for two pilot operations should be advised when requesting a quotation and will incur extra charges.
  1. Canberra Helicopters (Secure Aviation) accepts no responsibility for weather conditions or any impact weather conditions may have on any charter. Extreme temperatures may require flights to be delayed or to have payload reduced to comply with aircraft limitations.

9A. Flights to and from the Alpine Ski fields may due to weather and safety reasons be transferred to road. A cost of $700 per couple will be incurred and the proportion of the pre-paid charter flight refunded after this cost taken out. Secure Aviation encourage clients to take out travel insurance when travelling to the Alpine Areas.

  1. Any flight time that is additional to the quoted flight time due to weather or air traffic control requirements will be charged to the client.
  1. All passenger flights require actual passenger weights. Actual passenger weights should be supplied no later than 4.00 pm on the business day prior to the flight. The maximum individual passenger weight allowed to travel on Canberra Helicopters (Secure Aviation) aircraft is 130 kg.
  1. Cancelation Policy
  • Cancelation within 24 hours of flight nil refund
  • Cancelation between – 24 & 168 hours 50% refund applies
  • Cancelation greater than 168 hours a full refund will apply
  • Any costs incurred including planning, safety and logistics will be on charged plus admin fee
  1. Canberra Helicopters is a trading name of and is operated by Secure Aviation – AOC 0852
  2. Flight Training is conducted through Secure Aviation Training Janson’s Concrete & Haulage – AOC 0622