Open the door on some amazing opportunities and experiences by becoming a private helicopter pilot. Canberra Helicopters (Secure Aviation) flight school will allow you to gain the experience and knowledge to fly yourself for business or pleasure. Flying the Robinson R44, the most utilised private helicopter in the world you will gain your training from some of the most experienced pilots in the Australian helicopter industry. Not only will you gain your private helicopter license you will be mentored throughout your flying experience once you have gained the license to fly off on your own. Canberra Helicopters (Secure Aviation) staff are available to fly with you as a safety pilot, recurrent training, advanced flying and available on the phone if you have a question while flying away.Canberra Helicopters (Secure Aviation) can help you purchase a helicopter and manage the machine if you require to make your flying experience less stressful. Secure Aviation currently manage several machines for private owners throughout Australia. Talk to Canberra Helicopters (Secure Aviation) on how they can help you manage and save with your aviation asset.