Canberra Helicopters (Secure Aviation) conducts commercial helicopter flight training from its Canberra helicopter base. As a Student Commercial Helicopter Pilot you have many options of where to train and how to conduct your training to provide you with the best chance of obtaining that first job.

As a commercial pilot you may find yourself flying tourists around Ayers Rock, fighting fires in the high country, touring the amazing Kimberley or rescuing a lost hiker. These are a few of the hundreds of jobs helicopter pilots perform daily in Australia and around the world. How do you get there you ask?

Some hard work, study and some fun on the way in 6 months you can achieve your goal of flying for a living. This time period is based on full time study and has been achieved by many student pilots eager to start their flying career.

Canberra Helicopters (Secure Aviation) encourages students to come and see our facilities at Canberra Airport and talk to the experienced team. You are investing a lot of time and money into your future and this small financial outlay if you have to fly from interstate will allow you to make a better decision and choose the right school for you.

As a commercial helicopter pilot license what are the benefits of choosing Canberra Helicopters (Secure Aviation) Training?

  • Learn to fly in the advanced R44 training helicopter
  • Melbourne, Sydney and Gold Coast airspace is so busy your training time and money is not well spent. Canberra is in controlled airspace and has fantastic training areas with minimal delays.
  • Canberra surrounds provide the best training area in Australia. Mountains, controlled airspace, open uncongested training areas and confined area training areas are all right on the Canberra helicopter training doorstep
  • Surround yourself by experienced pilots who operate one of the very few IFR, night and Night Vision Goggle charter business in Australia.
  • Socialise in the National Capital, great food, wine, beer and sports are all in Canberra with many university’s having campuses in and around Canberra. Canberra was voted the best place in the world to live in an OECD report, all you have to do is talk to the Secure Aviation team and you will find this out
  • Ski fields and beaches are only 40 minutes’ flight time or 2 hours’ drive away from Canberra.